Men's Bulk Diet

Example: 180 lbs person should start with 3240 calories a day. 180 X 18 = 3240 calories

that would be: 

360g carbs

216g protein

104g fats

If you are getting too fat,

decrease your calories by 5%


To build muscle one must eat higher than what you use a day. Start with baseline of 18 calories per pound, and then add 10% additional calories every week if you are not putting on any weight. 

Men's Fat Loss Diet

Start with baseline 12 calories per pound, that is 180 lbs x 12 calories = 2160 calories per day.

216g carbs

216g protein

48g fats

If you metabolism is too slow you would need to carb rotation, one should not do carb rotation more than 12 weeks.

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Women's Bulk Plan

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Women's Fat Loss Plan

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